Free-To-Own Offer

At Beverage Genius, we’ve created a unique offer that far surpasses traditional free-on-loan agreements; your business will make considerable profits from day one. Once specific pre-agreed conditions are met, you get to keep the machine. Say goodbye to perpetual free on loan deals, make more profit, and own your machine.

Take ownership of a brand new slush
machine with no capital outlay

Free To Own Products 1

We supply a brand-new, latest-generation machine

Free To Own Products 2

You make profit from day one and when you have purchased 50x cases of Atomic Ice syrups

Free To Own Products 3

The machine is yours to keep & enjoy!

Why Free-To-Own?

It's simple really!

  • We deliver you a brand new machine.
  • You buy our syrups & consumables at an FTO rate
  • You can make margins of 76% from day 1
  • Once you’ve purchased 50 cases of syrup you OWN the machine
  • Your syrup case price drops to wholesale prices
  • Your profits then hit 88% It’s a ‘no-brainer?’… it certainly is!


  • The machine may not be new
  • You’re tied to inflated prices for cups & syrups
  • Your profits are less
  • Your profits NEVER increase
  • You NEVER own the machine
Cup Illustration

Check out the profitability of our ‘Free-to-Own' offer!

  • Brand new Atomic Ice twin bowl machine (RRP: £1,679)
  • 2 year maintenance and support (RRP: £960)
  • All included as a discount package at £2,280
  • Atomic Ice concentrates (6-1 dilution) supplied at £75 per 2 x 5 litre case, 341ml cups at £49.64 per 1000
  • Cost per 341ml (medium) portion; 38p
  • RRP: £2.00
  • Total min. profit on 50 cases: £9,817!!

Free To Own – How it works

Free-to-Own is a unique concept from Beverage Genius™ that combines all the benefits of Free-on-Loan  but with the added advantage that you OWN the machine after the contracted purchase of syrups.
How it works:
(All pricing is Ex Vat)

Beverage Genius™ supply & install a brand-new twin-bowl Atomic Ice machine (RRP £1679) with a service, training & POS support package (RRP £960) to the customer; Total RRP is £2560

This is supplied as a discounted FTO package at £2280

The contract agreement is for a minimum 12 month period

Throughout the agreement the customer agrees to purchase a minimum of 50 cases of Atomic Ice syrups at £75 per case along with the relative cups and other consumables.

Once 50 cases have been purchased, the customer has the option to opt-out of the agreement (recommended) and take full ownership of the machine for a nominal admin fee.

The customer is then free to purchase Atomic Ice syrups at wholesale prices.

As a guide, the cost per 341ml (medium) portion is 38p.  If sold at a suggested  RRP of £2.00, the  profit on 50 cases is £9,817!

Basic terms:

The equipment must be kept clean & in good condition with the required cleaning & service routines maintained by the customer

There is a minimum opening order of 4 cases of syrup, 1 x box of cups & straws

There is a minimum order of 2 cases per further replenishment orders

The machine remains the property of Beverage Genius™ until such time as transfer of ownership is complete. During this time only Atomic Ice products are to be used in the machine, any contravention of this will result in the equipment being uplifted and the customer liable to a removal charge.

Beverage Genius™ will cover service calls whilst the contract is in place. This will cover on-site servicing at 3 monthly intervals & any repairs due to mechanical failure (this does not cover damage due to misuse, error, or neglect by the customer)

Beverage Genius™ will send a regular purchase summary throughout the agreement & will notify the customer when the 50 case target has been met or, if in our opinion the target appears to be unachievable, at which point Beverage Genius™ reserve the right to remove the equipment & cancel the agreement (uplift fee may apply), or the customer has the option to purchase the machine outright for a fee relative to the outstanding shortfall of case purchases.

How do customers qualify for this offer:

Must be able to demonstrate the capability to provide sustainable sales of slush to their customer base.

Will need a sound trading background & be willing to provide / be subject to, the usual credit references etc.

Location of machine must be fixed, safe, secure and covered on contents insurance.

Who is this offer not suitable for:

Those with a poor credit-rating and/or limited trading background

Those who are looking for a short-term or rental type offer.

Anyone who has been refused a Free on Loan machine.

The offer is for a standard twin-bowl, brand-new Atomic Ice freezer only – no auto-fill option.

If you have any questions on Free To Own or would like more information leave us your contact details below