Free To Own – The time is now!

Do you know why Free on Loan in the Slush industry has been so profitable for the providers?

Its because the well known slush brands buy the equipment, lend it to the customer and charge highly inflated prices for the stocks sold.

On the face of this, that sounds fine, the customer doesn’t want to pay out for the equipment, the servicing and repairs.

But, what if there was a system to provide the same equipment, service and products but the costs are all transparent?

What if?….
– You knew the wholesale price of the Syrup
– You knew the inflated price element your paying
– You knew the cost of the equipment and the included service & repairs?

You could work out the exact time your inflated price has paid for the Slush machine and when you would OWN it.

Then you have a choice of wholesale prices depending on your service needs.

We call this “Free To Own”
Take a look……