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Beverage Genius is a major partner for world-renowned Electrolux Professional equipment.

We offer a comprehensive range of chilled dispensers manufactured by Electrolux. The quality and integrity of the engineering are noticeably apparent in the look and feel of the machine, the build quality of these dispensers is absolutely first-rate.

Beverage Genius provide these units with a class-leading 24-month on-site warranty.

Catering Juice Dispensers With Up To 80 Litres Capacity

There is a range of drinks dispensers available to suit most applications, varying in capacity from 12 litres to a whopping 80 litres! With single, twin, triple and even a four bowl option.

These can dispense a variety of drinks; squashes, cordials, milk and water as well as our very own Rejooced drinks – a healthier option available in great tasting flavours

All Electrolux dispensers lend themselves to bespoke branding, the chilled product is gently stirred to prevent settlement without foaming, there is also a “bubbler” option that really catches the eye and adds a bit of fun! Great for impulse sales and work really well with squash and juices.

These powerful machines are really easy to operate too; simply pour in the concentrate and, using the measurement scale on the bowl, dilute as required; switch it on and the machine does the rest, mixing & chilling the drink ready for dispense.

Cleaning is simple and hassle-free, the bowls and components are easily removed and reassembly is a doddle! The machines are designed to operate 24/7 meaning vastly reduced wastage and minimal staff time required – simply fill and forget!

Juice Dispenser Machines For Schools and Canteens

The high capacity and robust build quality makes these dispensers ideal for use in high footfall venues where speed of serve is important. Schools, colleges and high-volume workplace canteens are great examples of where these machines are in their element.

As many chilled drinks dispensers will be used in a self-service environment, simplicity of use is obviously key but also minimal consumer contact with the machine has recently become very important; the Electrolux machines use a simple dispense lever that is operated by pushing a glass (or cup) against a lever then simply withdrawing it when the refill is complete, thus eliminating the need to sanitise any buttons after each use.

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