GT Touch single bowl 5L Ice Cream machine with Insulated Bowl and Touch Screen


GT Push single bowl 5L freezer with insulated bowl and touch screen.  Compact counter machine, dispensing smooth soft ice-cream, cold cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt; it can be used also for slush.

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Easy to use thanks to the adjustable push button control panel: when pressing it the rotation speed raises and the product is pushed out easily.

Can dispense up to 5 products among soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, chilled coffee cream, sorbet or slush.

Can be used in specialised ice cream shops to dispense products specifically conceived for particular customer categories, like celiacs or people who are lactose intolerant. Producing ice-cream with this equipment prevents any contamination, as the bowls don’t come into contact with other ingredients.

Ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and catering companies for the production of delicious desserts and chilled specialties.

The ITANK ™ Technology prevents ice accumulation on the outer side of the bowl, reducing condensation and increasing the cooling power of the machine.

Menu is available in Italian and English, but other languages can be programmed as well.

Customisable touch screen display.

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