Azo Free, Plant Based Flavours, Less Than 5% Sugar

Great Tasting Traditional and Cocktail Slush Syrups

Great Tasting Slush Syrups

Our reduced sugar Atomic Ice slushies are not only great tasting, they are also hugely profitable, in fact they are one of – if not the most – profitable soft-drinks you can sell!

As an example let’s compare Atomic Ice slush to the leading brand of Cola:

330ml Cola, average wholesale price: 38p, average RRP: 79p – 99p

341ml Atomic Ice slush cost per serving; 13p, average RRP: £1.00 – £2.00!

Use our handy online calculator to see just how much enhanced profit margin you could make!

Looking to increase incremental sales?

In our experience, the majority of frozen drinks sold are through impulse sales so not only are frozen drinks hugely profitable, they are also a great way to increase revenue with add-on purchases. We supply fast food retailers who enjoy repeat sales as their customers want an Atomic Ice slush with their take-away order, also they get supplementary revenue during the summer months when hot food sales dip.

Low Sugar Slush Syrups Made With Natural Flavours

Slushies are fun, vibrant and very much a ‘visual-sell’; make sure your slush machine is in a prominent position, keep it clean, topped-up and well-lit to maximise appeal. Change the flavours regularly; there are an array of tempting Atomic Ice flavours & colours available. In the past traditional slushies have had some bad press relating to high-sugar levels and hyperactivity in children; Our great tasting Atomic Ice slush is made to reduced-sugar (below the sugar-tax levy) recipes, use only natural flavours and no AZO colours. They’re also manufactured with BRC accreditation so make sure you display our point-of-sale to get this message across!

In the last few years frozen mocktails and cocktails have really become ‘on-trend’ in pubs, clubs and bars, again, the profit potential and incremental sales make an attractive proposition

Atomic Ice Cocktail syrups are available in five popular recipes; Margherita, Passionfruit Martini, Mojito, Blue Lagoon and Strawberry Daiquiri, all of these are great on their own or simply add a spirit and sell-up for £££’s!

It’s also worth remembering that, as well as being able to dispense large volumes quickly & easily, our machines will keep the product in perfect condition for weeks so, no wastage