Serve Up-To 150 Cones an Hour, Free Delivery, 24 Month Warranty

Make Soft Serve Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbets & Thick Shakes

High-End Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Beverage Genius is a major partner for world-renowned Electrolux Professional, manufacturers of high-quality commercial catering and beverage equipment.

In addition to our exciting range of drinks dispensers, we also offer a range of commercial soft serve ice-cream machines engineered to the highest standards.

Choosing the right soft serve ice-cream machine to suit your application can be a daunting prospect; there are some very elaborate and expensive machines on the market, (some costing the equivalent of a new car!) so it’s very easy to spend more than you need to. This is not helped by the fact that many companies use ambiguous pricing and, in many cases, do not publish prices at all, preferring instead to ask for your contact details and then making direct contact.

The Beverage Genius policy is to provide clear and up-front pricing along with the best advice to find a solution that suits you, both in terms of value for money and the all-important service support

Serve Up to 150 Cones an Hour With Our Commercial Ice Cream Machines

There are big profits to be made from soft-serve ice-cream , let us help you to choose the right machine for your venue;

The Electrolux GT single bowl machine is a sturdy and compact unit with a 5 litre capacity and insulated bowl, perfect for where lower volumes are required, it can also be used for milk-shakes and frozen yoghurt, it’s a no-nonsense machine and simple to use and clean.

The GT is also available as a twin bowl unit with 10 litre capacity – it can be used to serve two different flavours of ice-cream or, indeed, two different products.

The Electrolux K-Soft is a larger capacity unit with a pre-chilled  hopper; robust and easy to use, this is a quality machine ideal for serving larger volumes

The Electrolux Karma is the flagship model of our range, this high-output, high capacity, machine is pump-fed to maximise “over-run” (the amount of air in the product) this means vastly increased profit-margins for the retailer. The perfect choice for places that are subject to high demand and want to maximise their profit

All these machines can be used with pre-mixed (powder or liquid) products

Don’t forget, Beverage Genius include a 24 month on-site warranty as well as installation and training for complete peace of mind