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High St. Quality coffee at affordable prices = happy staff & clients!

Elevate is not just for shops & cafes! We can tailor an Elevate subscription to suit your workplace. Whether you are a small office or have a large canteen, Elevate is enjoyed in places such as doctors surgeries, distribution hubs and manufacturing centres where both customers and clients can enjoy top quality coffee at a fixed and affordable price.
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How does Elevate work?

We’ll ask you a few simple questions about your business, such as: how many cups you would serve each day, how many are consumed in-house or take outs, what’s the most popular drink and would you prefer self-service or not.

We can then configure an Elevate subscription to your requirements.

You’ll have a choice of one of our premium bean-to-cup machines with simple one-touch operation, either self-service or coin/card Op. Or you may opt for a traditional Barista style machine. The choice is yours!

Unlike some subscription services, we don’t insist on sending you endless boxes of coffee. Your fixed monthly payment allows you to purchase products from our shop as and when you need them.
Installation, servicing and maintenance of your Elevate coffee machine is all included in the subscription!

You get to spend 100% of the subscription on products, there’s no time-limit so if you have a quiet period your credit stays in your account. A little like your home utility bills, you use any credit when you need it.

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“We have loved having proper coffee here, it has saved us hours a week not having to make trips to the branded coffee location up the road."

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With over 60 years’ experience in the industry, we know a thing or two about delicious beverages. That’s why we took our knowledge and passion for drinks industry and created our own range of slush, coffee and juice products.