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Have questions or queries? We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions below.

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My product say’s it is a 6 – 1 mix, how do I dilute this easily?

Use the mixing bottle provided. If not available, add 1 litre of syrup to 6 litres of water, stirring thoroughly before adding to the machine.

The product is getting cold but not freezing?

(1) Check airflow around the machine is clear & clean the cooling grille.

(2) The product may have been diluted incorrectly with too little/too much syrup – replace with a fresh batch, taking care to follow the correct dilution rate.

I open the tap, but the product dispenses very slowly?

The product is probably over-frozen and the density needs to be turned down (i.e. less frozen)

My machine appears to be leaking from the back?

(1) Check and refit the rear bowl seal, it is very rare these fail so make sure it is not pinched and sits flush, with the wider side of the seal towards the rear of the machine.

(2) Where fitted, check the seal that fits on the mixing paddle. These should be lubricated every 2-3 weeks and replaced every 3-4 months. If in doubt, replace.

My machine is leaking from the tap?

This will most likely be because the tap is not closing properly after dispensing. Thoroughly clean and refit the tap, making sure you use food-safe lubricant on the seals. This should be done regularly to make sure the tap moves freely and, of course, as part of your food-hygiene regime.

The dispense handle is stiff to operate?

You need to remove the product and make sure the tap is thoroughly cleaned and refitted using food grade silicon grease (available from us) this should be done regularly to make sure the easy action of the tap and of course your food safety regime are adhered to.

My machine is very hot, what can I do as it doesn’t seem to be getting cold or frozen?

You need to make sure that the machine has plenty of air circulation around it (at least 10cm on each side), remove any obstructions from the sides & rear of the unit. There will be a cooling grille (usually on the side of the machine) Remove and wash the filter (if fitted), then brush the grille with a soft brush to remove dust.

What happens at the end of my contract period?

You can either: Return the machine to us; Start again with a brand-new machine; Extend the agreement for a further 12 months at a reduced rate (see our T’s & C’s for full details)

What happens if I get a breakdown?

Just call us on our dedicated support line: Our experienced operator’s will talk through the issue and arrange for an engineer to visit if required.

I need cups & straws as well as syrup?

Easy! you can just order more and if you find your regularly using more than your plan suggests we can upgrade your plan.

What if I use less syrup one month than my plan allows?

No problem, any unused credit can be spent when you need it offering a great way to build a balance in the winter months to use in the summer season.

What if I need more syrup than my plan allows?

Easy! You can just order more syrup: If there isn’t enough credit in your account, we’ll simply invoice you the difference.